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In the Social Lounge, you will be able to ask social experts from around the world questions relating to your dating situation; to obtain valuable tips and how to apply them. "Never before has such an invaluable tool been offered to online daters"  It's all about being engaged and learning something new or just getting a refresher.  The primary goal here is to assist  each online dater in finding that special someone that shares the same life passions and commonalities.

Social experts valuable dating tips cover a wide variety of topics directly related to dating and relationships.  From what to wear, dating ideas, dating do's and don'ts to cooking tips, fitness, dating with kids, travel, lifestyles, romance, datecations, men & women confidence to wine selections and much more. 

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How do you keep the romance fresh and lively once you get into a relationship?

What do you do when the other person is not a hopeless romantic like me?

Can you not have romance without an imagination? 

Does romance has to always have cost associated with it? 

Why is romance so critical? 

Is it every to early for romance within someone you just started dating? 

Does romance mean love?

When is the wrong or right time to be romantic? 

What if romance is perceived as to much to early? 

What suggestions might you have for a romantic dinner that's not of the norm?